The Shatlyk Sanatorium-Preventorium on Guard of the Main Wealth of the Country
30.08.23 - 18:54

The Shatlyk Sanatorium-Preventorium, belonging to the social establishment of the Marygazçykaryş Directorate of the Türkmengaz State Concern, has been helping to improve the health of our compatriots for many years. Every year, thousands of pensioners, who have retired after long years of productive work, and people of various age and occupation come during their vacation to this Sanatorium, which can simultaneously receive 104 people, to take a break from everyday hustle and bustle and to improve their health.

The Team of the Dashoguz Hydrogeological Expedition is Preparing to Adequately Celebrate the Independence Day of Turkmenistan
23.08.23 - 16:21

The entire team of the Dashoguz Hydrogeological Expedition is diligently preparing for the forthcoming 32nd anniversary of the Independence Day of Turkmenistan in order to adequately celebrate the main state holiday, inscribed in golden letters in the rich history of our country.

Efficient Work Brings Significant Results
19.08.23 - 11:53

Specialists of the Balkan Velayat Directorate for the Reinforcement of Oil and Gas Wells of the Nebitgazburawlaýyş Trust of the Türkmennebit State Concern, guided by the instructions of the head of state, who in his speeches notes the need to modernize the enterprises of the fuel and energy complex, work hard, marking the year “Happy Youth with Arkadagly Serdar” with new labor achievements. This is evidenced by the fulfillment by 138.8 percent of the plan for the establishment of aggregate services for drillers and well repairers of the Concern over the past seven months of the current year.

Seydi Oil Refinery Works ahead of Schedule
18.08.23 - 14:53

The Seydi oil refinery, one of the largest enterprises of the oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan, which plays an important role in the country’s economy, is working effectively to successfully complete this year, proclaimed as “Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar”, and to increase the production of petroleum products. Seven months of the significant year were successfully completed thanks to the hard work of processors.

“Blue Fuel” Warms Homes in Remote Areas of the Motherland
16.08.23 - 14:30

Concern for the wellbeing of the people is a key direction of the state policy, successfully pursued in the years of independence. In accordance with the National Program of the Socioeconomic Development of Turkmenistan, one of the main tasks carried out in the country is the gasification of settlements. To date, the benefits of “blue fuel” are also used by residents of remote settlements of our homeland.

An Uninterrupted Flow of “Blue Fuel” is Ensured through the Malaý–Bagtyýarlyk Gas Pipeline
10.08.23 - 17:17

One of the largest production facilities of the Gündogargazakdyryş Directorate of the Türkmengazakdyryş Association is the Bagtyýarlyk production area, which is a modern industrial enterprise supplied with high-tech equipment.

Hydrogeologists Reveal the Potential of Groundwater in the Eastern Region of Turkmenistan
10.08.23 - 16:27

Drinking water plays an important role in the prosperous comfortable life of the population. As in the rest of the world, in our country, water is the source of life. During the years of independence, the tasks of ensuring rational water use and the uninterrupted supply of clean drinking water to the population were elevated to the rank of priorities of the state policy of Turkmenistan. In this regard, an important role is played by the phased implementation of the General Programme of Providing the Settlements of Turkmenistan with Clean Drinking Water”.

Highly Efficient Work is Carried out at the Bagtyýarlyk Field
09.08.23 - 15:07

A powerful gas compressor station, located on the territory of the Hojambaz etrap, Lebap velayat, at the Bagtyýarlyk production site of the Gündogargazakdyryş Directorate of the Türkmengazakdyryş Association of the Türkmengaz State Concern, was commissioned on September 27, 2010. Hundreds of jobs for young people have been created there. Currently, more than three hundred workers and specialists work at this site under the guidance of an experienced specialist Veldurdy Veldurdiyev.

The Flow of High-Quality “Blue Fuel” is Provided at the Level of International Standards
26.07.23 - 23:33

The gas workers of the Deryalyk Production Enterprise, located along the Döwletabad–Derýalyk gas pipeline of the Daşoguzgazakdyryş Directorate, mark every month of the year “Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar” with high labor results. Thus, they achieve an uninterrupted flow of “blue fuel”, exported to foreign markets, at the international level.

Gas workers of Daşoguzgazüpjünçilik Successfully Cope with the Implementation of Urgent Tasks
26.07.23 - 15:09

The main task of the uninterrupted supply of domestic consumers with “blue fuel” and the transfer of Turkmen gas of international quality to the foreign market is entrusted to the organisations and enterprises of the Türkmengaz State Concern, which causes an unshakable feeling of pride among gas workers. In this regard, a great responsibility lies with the employees of the Directorate of the Daşoguzgazüpjünçilik Concern.

Students Actually Undergo Industrial Practice
15.07.23 - 21:55

In the era of innovative technologies, our educational institution, a secondary vocational school, is also confidently keeping up with the times, where all the necessary conditions have been created for the training of qualified specialists in the oil and gas industry. Students study in a modern building, provided at the level of international standards with technical equipment and other means necessary in the educational and practical process.

Diplomas Awarded to Graduates of the Balkanabat Oil Secondary Vocational School
15.07.23 - 21:54

The ceremony of presenting diplomas to graduates of the Balkanabat Oil Secondary Vocational School of the Türkmennebit State Concern was held.

Graduation Ceremonies Held for Graduates of Secondary Vocational Educational Institutions of the Domestic Fuel and Energy Complex
15.07.23 - 21:53

A solemn ceremony was held at the Mary Oil and Gas Secondary Vocational School of the Türkmengaz State Concern on the occasion of the presentation of diplomas to its graduates.

Hydrogeologists of the Dashoguz Hydrogeological Expedition Achieve High Results
07.07.23 - 16:34

The employees of the Dashoguz Hydrogeological Expedition of the Türkmengeologiýa State Corporation, achieving high results in the geoecological research and drilling of ground water, successfully completed the first five months of this year, being held in the country under the motto “Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar”.

Specialists of the Balkanabat Water Supply Directorate Provide Indispensable Support to Oil Workers
07.07.23 - 16:39

The success of the production units of the Türkmennebit State Concern cannot be imagined without technical industrial waters. The responsibility for the timely completion of this important work was laid on the Balkanabat Water Supply Directorate of the Concern.