New technologies at the oldest fields

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 In 2023, the Gumdag field, located in the western region of Turkmenistan, «celebrated» its 75-year milestone of industrial development.  The first long-awaited oil inflow was obtained at well No. 1 in 1947.

 Currently, a whole network of wells is operating here, the work on which is organized by the Gumdagnebit Oil and Gas Production Department.  The department collects important information about the state of production in all areas where the production of valuable hydrocarbon raw materials is systematically carried out.

 The fishermen of the Gumdag field monthly meet the planned production targets by 100 percent and even exceed the established performance.  In the oil industry, the mechanical method of using pumping units is mainly used, which extract “black gold” from underground storerooms.

 More than 300 wells of the field operate on this basis.  Along with this, other methods are used, which are used to develop several dozen more oil «wells».  This is the practice of swabbing, that is, lowering the liquid level, the fountain method and the ejector method – it is provided by a device in which kinetic energy is transferred at high speed from one medium to another.

 The most advanced equipment is used at the oldest deposit, which makes it possible to work productively for the benefit of the prosperity of the Motherland.  To help the operators, the employees of the “Nebitgazylmytaslama” institute create technologies, design devices, fixtures, valves that help oilmen to conduct efficient production with an absolute “hit on target”.

 Some domestic developments are demonstrated at technical exhibitions, they are widely used at the facilities of the State Concern «Turkmennebit».  Resource: «Neutral Turkmenistan».

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