“Blue fuel” is continuously supplied to consumers of Halach etrap

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 In accordance with the “National Program for the Socio-Economic Development of Turkmenistan”, one of the main tasks carried out in the country is the gasification of settlements.  To date, the benefits of “blue fuel” are also used by residents of remote settlements of our homeland.  As a result of the successful implementation of a large-scale program for the gasification of cities and villages, natural gas is also continuously supplied to the households of the Hhalach etrap of the Lebap region.

 According to Ykhlas Abdyllayev, head of the “Halachetrapgas” gas facilities organization, the number of households using natural gas in this etrap exceeds 15,000.  More than 110 employees of various qualifications of “Halachetrapgas” are involved in the continuous provision of residents with “blue fuel”, who control the smooth operation and serviceability of gas pipelines of various pressures with a total length of more than 803 kilometers, as well as 404 units of gas distribution and regulatory installations.

 In the near future, the number of households using natural gas will increase as a result of the ongoing work on gasification of new settlements in the three gengeshliks of the etrap.

 Employees of the department are in close contact with residents, regularly explain to them the rules for the safe use of gas.  All natural gas consumers are fully equipped with gas measuring instruments and regularly pay the appropriate fee for the consumed fuel.

Halach is one of the most densely populated etraps in the region.  This causes population growth, the number of new families here is increasing every year.  As a result, new residential buildings are being built on a large scale.

 Providing natural gas to new villages is a priority of the state, which is indicated in the National Rural Program, initiated by the National Leader of the Turkmen people, Hero Arkadag and successfully implemented by the President Arkadagly Serdar.  Within the framework of this program, along with other important facilities, state investments are directed to the gasification of settlements.  This opened up wide opportunities for increasing the scale of construction work in the Halach etrap.

 The total length of gas pipelines built in the etrap in the last six months of this year amounted to 5,435 meters.  Over the past period, a significant part of the work was carried out on the territory of the Surkh gengeshlik. To date, the builders have completed the relevant work at a distance of about two kilometers.

 The builders of the Lebap region branch of of the “Turkmengasupjunchilik” Gasification Association’s department are involved in the implementation of this project.  They carry out similar work in the etrap gengeshlik Esenmengli.  The length of the gas pipeline built here today is about a kilometer.

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