Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov outlined the priorities of the industrial development of Turkmenistan

19:51 25.09.2020 1041

At present, about 2.5 thousand large objects with a total value of over 37 billion US dollars are being built in our country, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said, speaking at a meeting of the Khalk Maslakhaty of Turkmenistan.

As noted, due to capital investments, it is planned to build a new gas chemical complex in Kiyanly, a phosphoric fertilizer production workshop at the Turkmenabat chemical plant, a gas turbine power plant in the Dashoguz velayat, and to start the second stage of industrial development of the Galkynysh gas field.

Berdimuhamedov also said that at present, projects are being implemented to create international transport corridors, a high-speed highway Ashgabat-Turkmenabat, the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline are being built, and other regional projects are being implemented.

In recent years, large volumes of investments have been invested in the creation of new capacities for the production of glass, reinforced concrete and other products, as a result of which the volume of production of building materials has increased several times.

According to the head of state, the main tasks of the construction complex are to increase production volumes, improve the quality and competitiveness of construction products, and safety of construction works and services.

“We can proudly say that Turkmenistan, which was still an agrarian country recently, now produces electronic equipment, including computers,” - Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov continued.

The Turkmen leader identified the erasing of distinctions between the city and the countryside, the urbanization of villages, the widespread introduction of innovative technologies to increase productivity and improve working conditions as important tasks.

- In our country, which has large reserves of hydrocarbon raw materials, new production facilities for deep processing of oil and gas are being created, the directions of the export of Turkmen energy resources to world markets are expanding, - the head of state said, noting the need to accelerate the construction of the TAPI gas pipeline and a gas compressor unit in the Central Karakum with an annual capacity of 2 billion cubic meters.

Speaking about the modernization of the textile industry, the President said that large volumes of investments are directed to create high-tech enterprises that saturate the domestic market and export products to dozens of countries. With the commissioning of new textile complexes in the Kaakhki and Babadaykhan etraps in the near future, the capacity of this industry will significantly increase.

The President gave an important place in the industrial development of the country to the electric power industry, noting that in the near future its capabilities will significantly increase. The creation of a single energy ring in the country continues, as well as the construction of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan power transmission line.

According to the President, the potential of solar and wind energy is also being considered. In accordance with the concept for the development of the Altyn Asyr lake region for 2019-2025, the villages and facilities under construction here will be provided with energy from renewable sources.

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