Lebap gas workers produced more than 1 billion cubic meters of «blue fuel» in January

18:50 28.02.2023 1379


 From the first days of 2023, proclaimed the “Year of Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar”, the workers of the “Lebapgazchykarysh” department of the State Concern “Turkmengas” have been diligently working to increase the production of “blue fuel”.

 According to the central production and dispatching service of the department, about 1 billion 19.3 million cubic meters of natural gas were produced in the first month of this year, while the production plan was fulfilled by 104%.

 It is noteworthy that such a positive result was achieved in extremely cold weather, which was recorded during the past month. In frosts, when the thermometer shows minus temperatures, the consumption of «blue fuel» also increases significantly.  The producers of hydrocarbon resources took all measures to prevent possible gas supply failures due to unusual weather conditions, made every effort to ensure the uninterrupted flow of fuel, which is especially valuable for all consumers in the winter season, into the gas supply system.

 Significant in this matter is the contribution of the employees of the Kukurtli linear production department of the department.

 — We have successfully met the planned obligations of the first month of the year, fulfilling it by more than 110 percent.  We will move forward without slowing down the pace of work, I am sure that our labor team will cope with all the tasks and will reach considerable heights within a year, -  Begench Charyev, head of the production and dispatch service of the site, says.

 Natural gas production from the Kukurtli area last month amounted to about 846.9 million cubic meters.  Manufactured commercial products are uninterruptedly shipped to consumers.  Part of the produced gas is supplied to the Malay-Bagtyyarlyk gas pipeline, through which 489 million cubic meters of «blue fuel» were delivered last month.  This is much more than the volume of valuable fuel established according to the plan.  This pipeline also supplies natural gas to the People's Republic of China.

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