The success of the drillers on the Barsagelmes square

16:08 23.02.2023 979

 The first production well in 2023, No. 1.321, was built by the subsoil miners of the Nebitdag Drilling Department «Nebitdagburavish» of the State Concern «Turkmennebit» and handed over to the oil and gas production department fishers for subsequent development, the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper reports.

 An oil well was drilled in the Barsagelmes area ahead of schedule.  Moreover, it was built without technological complications, its specified design depth is 1900 meters.

 Now specialists of the relevant profile are working on the preparation of its commercial operation, who will determine the composition of hydrocarbons, the potential, the return, or the flow rate of a well ready for development, so that the oilfield workers begin oil production.

 At present, 14 drilling crews are working in Nebitdag Drilling Department «Nebitdagburavish», capable of fulfilling the design task for operators extracting energy resources from the structures of the SC «Turkmennebit».

 According to the newspaper, success in the work is achieved through the use of internal reserves, well-coordinated actions of drillers, careful attitude to high-tech equipment and units, constant improvement of the professionalism of engineering and technical personnel.

 As emphasized in the organization, all support services, logistics links, the geological corps and the drilling team participated in achieving the intended result.  All of them jointly brought the construction and drilling work at this facility to logistical completion.

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