Fuel and energy companies participate in the jubilee exhibition in honor of the 30th anniversary of the independence of Turkmenistan

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 A two-day exhibition dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Turkmenistan's independence began work in Ashgabat on September 21.  The jubilee show, initiated by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, became a clear illustration of the economic achievements of our country during this historical period.

 Numerous stands of exhibitors reflect the large-scale process of modernization of all sectors of the economy, carried out within the framework of national development programs.  The exhibition is attended by leading government agencies and enterprises representing the entire spectrum of the national economic complex of the country.  The emphasis is placed on innovative technologies and know-how, thanks to which the tasks of the production of import-substituting and export-oriented products are successfully solved.

 The fuel and energy complex at the exhibition is presented in an extensive exposition of the State Concerns «Turkmengas» and «Turkmennebit», the State Corporation «Turkmengeology», a plant for the production of gasoline from natural gas in Akhal region, the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries, a polymer plant in Kiyanly.  The dynamics of growth of these basic sectors of the economy are clearly shown with the help of demo maps and panels.

 The guests of the exhibition are presented with the scale of developed and currently being developed oil and gas fields, current directions and planned routes for the export of «blue fuel», underground storehouses of minerals and minerals.

 In this context, particular importance is attached to the industrial development of the unique gas field «Galkynysh», the discovery of which has strengthened the status of Turkmenistan as a world energy power, as well as provided new opportunities for expanding effective interaction with foreign partners.

 The State Corporation «Turkmengeology» and the State Concern «Turkmenchemistry» are closely related by the nature of their activities.  Among the promising areas of the chemical industry is the production of mineral fertilizers to meet the needs of the national economy, various types of products from petroleum products, and building materials.

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The country's oil and gas industry is the main base for strengthening our economic independence, improving people's living standards, creating powerful, diversified manufacturing industries. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said it, speaking on September 1 in the capital's Congress Center, where he held a general lesson on the occasion of the Day of Knowledge and Student Youth and the beginning of the new academic year.

«Nebitgazchykarysh» trust increases the volume of oil and gas production

Employees of the «Nebitgazchykarysh» trust of the State Concern «Turkmennebit», thanks to the effective overhaul of wells and their commissioning, make a significant contribution to the increase in oil and gas production. As a result of these works for seven months of the year under the motto «Turkmenistan – Homeland of Peace and Trust», the volume of additional oil produced by the concern amounted to about 120 thousand tons, instead of the planned 96 thousand 585 tons.

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Ambassador of Turkmenistan to China Parahat Durdyev met with the director of the International Educational College of Xi'an Petroleum University and the Silk Road Energy College Ms. Dong Hao in Beijing, Orient reports.

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On Tuesday, February 7, at the auctions of the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan, 50 transactions were concluded for a total of 38.4 million US dollars and 26 million manats, the ORIENT agency reports.

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In connection with the current epidemiological situation in the world, in order to prevent seasonal viral infections, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Turkmenistan recommended to all organizations of the country, regardless of their form of ownership, temporarily to switch to a flexible working hours of employees.