Anniversary Annagul Gurdova

02:14 15.06.2021 6011

 The 70th anniversary of the People's Artist of Turkmenistan Annagul Gurdova was celebrated in the Cultural and Business Center of the State Concern «Turkmengas».

 Famous singers, composers, poets, representatives of scientific, educational, public organizations, as well as fans of the talent of their beloved artist came to congratulate the hero of the day together with relatives and friends.

 Annagul Gurdova is one of the most iconic figures of the Turkmen stage. Her incredible charm, excellent vocal skills have been impressing the most discerning audience for many years.

 Among the participants in the festive event were also Hero of Turkmenistan Gozel Shagulyeva, People's Artist of Turkmenistan Kakadurdy Tajimov, Honored Artist of Turkmenistan Sakhydursun Khodzhakova, as well as young representatives of the national variety art.

 At the beginning of the meeting, the song «Love and be loved, Arkadag» sounded beautifully performed by the hero of the occasion.  The artist addressed the head of state with touching words of gratitude for the support of cultural figures and for the great attention to the preservation of the heritage of the people, including the musical one.

 Annagul Gurdova was born on June 10, 1951 in Ashgabat.  After graduating from school №20 in Ashgabat, she entered the Turkmen State University named after Makhtumkuli, where she received a law degree.  It is difficult to imagine her life without musical art.  Already in her school years there were dozens of songs in A. Gurdova's repertoire.

 The acquaintance of the future popular singer with the world of art began in her school years with the mentorship of the composer Veli Mukhadov and the poet Kayum Tangrykuliev.  The rising star began performing abroad, even then the voice of little Annagul began to sound on the radio and in the cinema.

 Thanks to perseverance, talent and hard work, the singer gained fame and popularity in the vastness of our country.  The famous actor Baba Annanov, composers Miami Charyev, Saparmurat Babayev, Balli Rejepov were also among the singer's invaluable mentors.

 In 1988 A. Gurdova was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Turkmenistan, in 1994 she was awarded the honorary title of «People's Artist of Turkmenistan».

 Annagul Gurdova has a gentle and pleasant voice that cannot leave indifferent many admirers of musical art.

  Currently, the talented artist works closely with famous poets and composers of our country.  A. Gurdova's repertoire includes dozens of popular songs, which are a real pleasure to listen to.

  Throughout the celebration, songs, congratulations, wishes of health and long life, further creative success were heard.  But the most valuable gifts were the memories of the hero of the day.

 At the end of the event, the participants from the bottom of their hearts wished A. Gurdova to remain the same charming, young and charming example of tenderness.

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