Industrial influx of hydrocarbons was obtained at a new well at the Uzynada field

19:41 26.09.2023 1193

 The specialists of the “Marynebitgazgozleg” expedition of the State Corporation “Turkmengeology”, who are making a significant contribution to the successful implementation of the “Program for the development of the oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan for the period until 2030”, celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the independence of our Motherland with worthy labor successes.

 They managed to successfully complete the drilling of exploration well No. 11 at the Uzynada field, located in the Balkan region.  From this new well, commercial flow of oil condensate and natural gas was obtained from depths of 6736 – 6734 meters and 6728 – 6726 meters of the lower red formations.

 This was further proof that the development of Uzynada’s treasure trove of natural hydrocarbon resources has enormous prospects.  Currently, work is being carried out in an organized manner to transfer this well to the oil and gas production department “Gumdagnebit” of the State Concern “Turkmennebit”.

 “On the eve of Independence Day, receiving a new influx of oil condensate and natural gas from the well caused an immense sense of pride among our drillers.  Our leading mentors – driller Bayramgeldy Annaev, assistant driller Begmyrat Sapargylyjov, diesel operator Arslan Rejebov – contributed to achieving this success.

 These days we are carefully preparing to begin drilling a new well No. 20, which will be drilled in this field.  It is with great pride that we celebrate the 32nd anniversary of our Independence with a worthy labor gift.  “We are grateful to our Arkadagly Serdar for creating all the necessary conditions for productive work in accordance with the requirements of the time,” says the head of the Marynebitgazgozleg drilling expedition, Berdymyrat Agadzhanov.

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