A solemn ceremony of the inauguration of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov took place in Turkmenistan

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  The date of March 19, 2022 entered the chronicle of the sovereign Turkmen state as a historical event of special significance. The solemn ceremony of the inauguration of the newly elected President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov, which took place at the Ruhiyet Palace in the capital city, and the election campaign preceding this event, once again demonstrated the indestructible unity of the Turkmen people, their wisdom and trust in the younger generation. 72.97 percent of voters gave their votes for Serdar Gurbanguliyevich, thereby giving confidence to the energetic, intellectually developed and progressive-minded youth. And the newly elected President of Turkmenistan himself spoke about this in his inaugural speech.

It is important to note that the solemn ceremony was held according to the inaugural protocol established during the years of the country’s sovereign development, which included mandatory procedures, including those taking into account the national customs and traditions coming from the depths of centuries.

To the sounds of a solemn march, the servicemen of the company of the Guard of Honour brought the State Flag of Turkmenistan, the Standard of the President of Turkmenistan, the Constitution of Turkmenistan, the Distinguishing Badge of the President of Turkmenistan and the Holy Quran into the hall of the Ruhiyet Palace.

The Chairman of the Central Commission for Elections and Referenda in Turkmenistan G. Myradov announced the results of the nationwide elections, held on March 12 this year, and the conclusions of international observers who had monitored the election process. Along with national observers, representatives of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Organization of Turkic States are known to have taken part in the elections of the President of Turkmenistan as observers. As a result of the campaign, they gave their conclusion that the elections of the President of Turkmenistan had been held in our country in a calm atmosphere, in conditions of openness and transparency, in accordance with the national legislation and generally accepted norms of world law-enforcement practice and on the principles of democracy, vividly confirming the commitment of our state to the democratic way of development.

 The head of the Central Commission for Elections and Referenda in Turkmenistan heartily congratulated the newly elected head of state on his convincing victory in the nationwide democratic elections.

According to the established good tradition, representatives of the older generation, respected mothers, brought to the stage and spread a white felt mat – a sign of blessing for a bright path and good deeds, and also presented the head of state with a traditional Turkmen sachak – a symbol of wellbeing and prosperity. The elected President of Turkmenistan paid tribute to these immutable national sacred objects.

 Putting his right hand on the Constitution of Turkmenistan, the head of state took an oath of loyalty to the Motherland and people.

In a solemn atmosphere, on behalf of all Turkmen citizens, the Chairman of the Central Commission for Elections and Referenda presented the certificate of the President of Turkmenistan to the elected head of state.

Then, honorary elders representing all the velayats of the country and the city of Ashgabat presented the President of Turkmenistan with the corresponding Distinctive Badge. On behalf of the Turkmen people, they also expressed the most cordial congratulations to the head of state.

In accordance with the Constitution of the country, the elected President of Turkmenistan took office. At this solemn moment, the sounds of the National Anthem of Turkmenistan ascended under the vaults of the palace hall, joined in by all participants of the ceremony in a single impulse.

President-elect Serdar Berdimuhamedov bowed his head before the State Flag of Turkmenistan and, following the age-old national tradition, kissed and placed the edge of the sacred banner of the Motherland on his forehead.

Then, the head of the Turkmen state, who took office, addressed the participants of the ceremony with an inaugural speech, in which he expressed sincere gratitude to those present and the people of the independent neutral Motherland for their confidence in the popular elections, as a result of which he had been elected to the highest state post.

 In his keynote address, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov clearly defined the priorities of state development at a new historical stage, which, as the Turkmen leader noted, “independent Turkmenistan has entered today.” Among the immutable constants of this period, “The Revival of the New Era of the Powerful State”, the adherence to the policy of neutrality, the implementation of a socially oriented state course, the protection of human rights and freedoms and the further democratization of society were noted.

For the workers of the oil and gas complex, whose representatives were among the participants of the celebration at the Ruhiyet Palace, it was especially important to hear the decision of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov and to continue implementing the strategy aimed at the large-scale development of the domestic oil and gas industry and its integration into the international energy system.

In this regard, it should be noted that Serdar Gurbanguliyevich has experience in working in the oil and gas industry and is well aware of its infrastructure and capabilities. The call of the President to mobilize all the possibilities of society and to work hand in hand and in unity and cohesion for the timely and high-quality implementation of the tasks set in the adopted Program of the socioeconomic development of the country for the next 30 years, was enthusiastically received by the employees of the fuel and energy complex, who assured the head of state that they would apply all their strength, experience, knowledge and energy for the implementation of the tasks set for the further prosperity of their beloved Motherland and the happiness of their people.

On the same day, a number of events on the occasion of the inauguration of the new President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov were held in the capital.

The President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the country Serdar Berdimuhamedov received a parade of military units that swore allegiance to the people and the President of the country.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov, a festive sadaqah was given at Hezreti Omar Mosque. An official reception was also held at the Reception Center of Turkmenistan.

Masters of the arts of the country prepared their creative gifts for the significant event and presented a large concert program to the President of Turkmenistan and his guests.

In the evening, festive events continued in the square in front of the State Tribune. The President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov and the participants of the celebration were welcomed by popular vocalists and choreographic groups of the country. Fireworks took place there, coloring the evening sky over the white-marble city of Ashgabat with myriads of sparkling fantastic constellations. 

This memorable day will certainly go down in the modern history of our independent neutral Motherland, which has entered such a period as the Revival of the New Era of the Powerful State, which is intended to ensure the prosperity of the beloved Motherland and the happiness of our people. 

 Ussa Ussayev, Editor-in-Chief of the Nebit-Gaz Newspaper

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