“Turkmengeology” State Corporation

56 Archabil Street, Ashgabat city,

Turkmenistan, 744036

Phone: (933 12) 40 34 01

Phone: (933 12) 40 34 09

 “Turkmengeology” State Corporation is the leading government organization in the field of geological exploration, specializes on comprehensive study of interiors of the Turkmenistan area, discovering and exploration of all kinds of natural reserves.

In view of this, “Turkmengeology” carries out operation of different kind of  geological exploration work: deep prospective drilling, geophysical field surveys, processing and interpretation of geological and geophysical materials, received in the process of field surveys, mechanical core drilling, geological, hydrogeological and geoecological survey, engineering geological  prospecting, laboratory studies of  rock samples, core and fluid analysis, collection and storage of information about geological feature and natural reserves of Turkmenistan, maintains work accounts and records focused on study of geological feature of interiors of Turkmenistan.