"Turkmen Oil" State Concern

56 Archabil Street, Ashgabat city,

Turkmenistan, 744036

Phone: (993 12) 40 36 01

Phone: (993 12) 40 31 55

“Turkmen Oil” State Concern - the largest production complex of Turkmenistan, which implements exploration and development of oil and gas fields, provides a comprehensive solution to tactical and strategic programs for the development of oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan.

 “Turkmen Oil” State Concern brings together several dozen enterprises, both primary and secondary cycle oil, natural and associated gas, gas condensate, drilling exploration and production wells, pipeline transportation of oil and gas, construction and arrangement of oil and gas fields, gas compressor stations, separation plants, overhaul and repair of underground wells.

"Turkmen Oil" SC was awarded for contribution to the economic development of Turkmenistan and the promotion of it in the world economy, as well as product quality with international prizes: "International Golden Globe" (1994, London) and "International Platinum Star" (1999, Madrid).

In recent years, on the fields of the western Turkmenistan, in close cooperation with foreign companies were built dozens of objects of oil and gas production. Put into operation the pipeline Korpeje - Balkanabat. Swiss company ABB built a gas turbine power plant of 5 MW on the South Gamyshlydja field. In 2010, it was put into operation a complex of facilities for the collection, preparation and transportation of natural gas on the Akpatlavuk, Chekishlyar, Keimir fields and conducted development of Mydar field.

The increase in volumes of oil and gas for "Turkmen Oil" SC carried out by:

- Further intensify drilling on the Goturdepe, Barsagelmes, Nebitdag, South Gamyshlydja, Korpeje, Akpatlavuk, Keimir, Eastern Cheleken fields, recently bring into development - Chekishlyar, Yylakly and newly discovered - Altyguyy Mydar fields;

- Commissioning of idle oil wells;

- Workover;

- Underground repair of wells;

- Transfer of oil wells in the mechanized methods of oil production with the introduction of screw and injection pumps;

-  Transfer of wells in high pressure gas lift;

- Apply methods of stimulation for enhanced oil recovery.