IOGU students consolidate the theory with practice

The training of highly qualified specialists who are able to successfully solve production problems associated with new scientific developments is possible only if the educational process is closely connected with research work. Teachers and students in the laboratory of the Oil and Gas Faculty of the International Oil and Gas University of Turkmenistan (IOGU) regularly hold such events.

The university’s laboratory is equipped with modern instruments and equipment that meet international standards. Here, students are introduced to the technology of drilling oil and gas wells, give concepts about all stages of well development. Students consolidate their theoretical knowledge in practice in the training laboratory in such disciplines as the technology for identifying productive formations, directional drilling of wells, cleaning wells with drilling mud, and the technology of fixing and cementing wells.

The students of the oil and gas well drilling faculty also attended field trips at the Oil and Gas Institute of the “Turkmengas” State Concern. The laboratories and design workshops of this institute are equipped with modern technology and all the necessary instruments. The use of high-tech equipment can significantly expand the range of scientific research, expanding their subject matter and increasing practical returns.

Thus, the participation of IOGU students in research works gives them the opportunity in the future not only to strengthen their theoretical base, to expand professional erudition, but also to consolidate professional skills in general. Which, in turn, will allow them to achieve success in their future professional activities.

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