“Blue fuel” arrives in remote villages of Dashoguz region

Gas workers of the economic organization “S.Turkmenbashietrapgaz” of the “Dashoguzgazupdzhunchilik” management are increasing the pace of uninterrupted supply of blue fuel not only to cities and urban-type settlements, but primarily to remote villages in the western part of the Dashoguz region. Now natural gas is piped to more than 21,560 households and institutions.

Thanks to the work of the gas industry workers, “blue fuel” uninterruptedly enters the villages located in the most remote corners of the region. So, in the villages council of “Anna Oy” and N. Gylydzhov, the workers of the repair and construction department for gasification of the population of the Dashoguz region of the “Turkmengazupdzhunchilik” association for five months of this year completed the installation of supply networks of an average pressure gas pipeline with a diameter of 159 mm and a length of several thousand meters. Currently, “blue fuel” is continuously supplied to more than 21 thousand 280 residential buildings. Another 208 households in the Saparmurat Turkmenbashi province use liquefied natural gas.

Over the five months of this year, a medium-pressure gas pipeline with a diameter of 159 mm and a length of 1000 meters in the Yenish village was completely reconstructed, as a result of which the productivity of the pipeline increased significantly.

Currently, gas specialists in the territory of the province perform high-quality maintenance of gas pipelines of various diameters with a length of 2,434 kilometers, as well as more than 670 gas control and gas distribution units. When performing work, gas workers strictly comply with fire safety rules.

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