Ukraine is considering importing natural gas through the Southern Gas Corridor

 Ukraine is considering the possibility of importing natural gas supplied to the European market as part of the second and third phases of the Southern Gas Corridor (SGC) project.  According to Trend, economic adviser to the Ukrainian Embassy in Azerbaijan Sergey Shtelyuk said this.

 He recalled that joining Ukraine to the work of the Advisory Board of SGC could be the first step in this direction.  As Shtelyuk noted, there are several options for the practical implementation of the idea of ​​Ukraine obtaining natural gas transported to Europe as part of the SGC project.

 "In particular, taking into account the extensive gas transportation infrastructure of Europe, the issue of obtaining natural gas by countries that do not have direct access to the SGC pipeline system can be resolved through the implementation of SWAP deliveries," - he said.

 In addition, Shtelyuk noted that with the commissioning of the Trans-Adriatic Gas Pipeline (TAP), as well as the Greece-Bulgaria interconnector (IGB), conditions will be created for the transportation of Azerbaijani gas to the countries of Southeast Europe.  "In the future, after Romania joins this project, Ukraine will have a direct opportunity to receive Azerbaijani energy resources on the Bulgaria-Romania-Ukraine route," - he said.

 According to Shtelyuk, the choice of one of the above options or the implementation of new ideas in this direction is a matter requiring careful study and calculation of the economic feasibility of such supplies.

 As the embassy's adviser noted, SGC provides a real diversification of natural gas supplies to European countries, thus expanding the capabilities of both consumers and resource suppliers.

 As you know, the Southern Gas Corridor provides for the creation of a pipeline infrastructure for the transportation of Azerbaijani gas from the development of the Shah Deniz-2 field through Turkey to Europe at the first stage.  Azerbaijani gas deliveries to Europe are expected from October 2020 in the amount of 10 billion cubic meters.

 At the same time, the possibility of connecting Turkmenistan’s natural gas to the SGC system in the future is being discussed.  To this end, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey and the EU are considering a project for the construction of the Transcapian gas pipeline, which will ensure the delivery of "blue fuel" produced at Turkmen fields to Azerbaijani territory.

 Thus, Ukraine will have the opportunity to buy Turkmen gas through the SGC system if the parties agree on the economic feasibility of supply.

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