Turkmenistan prepares oil and gas road show in Dubai (UAE)

In the coming 2020, the State Concerns «Turkmengas», «Turkmennebit» and State Corporation «Turkmengeology» in partnership with Turkmen Forum held a new series of international oil and gas road shows of Turkmenistan. The first of them will be held February 24-25 in Hyatt Regency - Dubai Creek Heights, the city of Dubai, UAE.

The further development of the oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan and the attraction of foreign investment in certain investment projects in the energy sector of our country are envisaged.

The development of the oil and gas industry is one of the main priorities of the state policy of Turkmenistan. Opportunities for processing gas and oil in the country are actively developing.

The international oil and gas show of Turkmenistan 2020 in Dubai provided a good platform for obtaining information on possible opportunities in the oil and gas sector. The conferences are attended by 300 delegates representing more than 100 companies and organizations. The event received wide media coverage thanks to the support of more than 15 existing media, reported in a press release of the Organizing Committee for the Turkmenistan Oil and Gas Show.

The two-day program will cover a number of topics: field development at licensed sites in the Turkmen region of the Caspian Sea; secondary mining; attracting investment in hard-to-develop fields, in gas chemical projects; the implementation of the next stage of development of the giant Galkynysh field to provide natural gas to the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India transnational gas pipeline; other investment projects.

During this large industry business forum, representatives of foreign companies got the opportunity to meet with senior representatives of the oil and gas companies of Turkmenistan and discuss current issues, as well as opportunities for cooperation and investment.

Efficient use of Turkmenistan’s natural resources, investments in infrastructure and the petrochemical industry are very important for further economic growth. The implementation of this strategy requires the development of new technologies and the introduction of new world technologies, which will increase oil and gas production to meet the needs of the domestic market and open new export routes.

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