The tenth meeting of the intergovernmental Turkmen-Kazakhstan commission takes place in Astana

Prospects for trade and economic partnership are discussed during the tenth meeting of the Intergovernmental Turkmen-Kazakhstan Commission for Economic, Scientific, Technical and Cultural Cooperation, which takes place in Astana from March 10 to 13, 2019.

On the agenda of the meeting are issues of trade and economic partnership, the development of a legal framework, cooperation in the gas sector, in the development of transboundary mineral deposits, in the field of agriculture, transport, the environment and fisheries.

Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan are involved in a major project to transport Central Asian gas to China. CNPC has been buying Turkmen fuel since 2009 through the territories of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. In addition, in December 2014, the project for the construction of the transnational railway Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran was completed. According to preliminary calculations, the annual traffic volume may amount to 10-12 million tons of cargo.

On this trade route, cargoes can be freely transported to the countries of the Persian Gulf, to the Indian Ocean, and exported to Europe.

In 2016, Kazakhstan joined the project of the Central Asia-Middle East transport corridor (Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan-Iran-Oman). In the future, the new corridor will allow Central Asian countries to connect the optimal route to the ports of the Persian and Oman gulfs.

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