Turkmenistan starts to implement the Concept of development of the digital economy until 2025

From the beginning of this year Turkmenistan starts to implement the Concept of development of the digital economy, designed for the period of 2019-2025, ORIENT News Agency reports.

The concept, approved by the decree of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at the end of November 2018, is aimed at improving the efficiency of the functioning of all sectors of the economy and the public sphere of the country through the use of information technologies. It contains 7 chapters reflecting the current state of the information and communication technologies system of Turkmenistan, goals, objectives, ways and mechanisms of their development, as well as the expected results.

The Concept is planned to be implemented in three stages. The first stage (2019) provides for the creation of a state authorized body, an interdepartmental Commission composed of heads of ministries, departments and other organizations, as well as the development of the Program for the development of the digital economy, that is, a kind of "road map" of measures to prepare for the transition to the digital economy.

At this stage, the technical base of economic entities will be monitored to prepare for digitalization. It is also planned to improve the material and technical base, the legislative platform, to take systematic measures to improve the skills of personnel. It is planned to determine organizational issues, calculate the amount of budget funding.

At this stage, tenders for the purchase of appropriate technical equipment will be announced, the volume of investments will be determined, trial projects will be launched and the possibilities of their implementation in all sectors will be analyzed.

The second stage (2020-2023) provides for a broader and more comprehensive implementation of digital communication systems, the development of "One window" service, the introduction of digital reporting, etc.

At the third stage (2024-2025) it is planned to implement digitalization projects in the sectors of the national economy, its integration into the international digital economic system.

A number of elements of the digital economy are already functioning successfully in Turkmenistan in various spheres. In the near future, the communications and telecommunications industry will be modernized with the use of 3G, 4G, and in the future — 5G high-speed Internet and other services. Fourth-generation mobile communication technologies can also be used in the fields of telemedicine, distance education, transport management, security and public order, etc.

In 2017, Turkmenistan adopted a Concept for the development of a digital education system, which provides for the development of e-learning methods.

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