Islamabad noted the great role of the TAPI gas pipeline in ensuring peace and security

At a seminar held in Islamabad on the Strategic importance of the TAPI project in the region, Indian and Pakistani officials noted the great importance of the TAPI project in ensuring peace and development in the region.

The Federal Minister for Parliament of Pakistan, Ali Mohammad Khan, speaking at the seminar, said that the time had come to promote peace and harmony in the region. The Minister added that Pakistan wants peace in the region, which is connected with peace in Afghanistan. "We should try to establish peace in Afghanistan, which is necessary for peace in the whole region," he said. Ali Mohammad added that, because of mutual hatred, we have faced difficulties with each other in the past, but now is the time to create peace and promote better development and shared prosperity in the region.

"Prime Minister Imran Khan also wants peaceful relations with neighboring countries, especially with India and Afghanistan," said the Minister for parliamentary Affairs. He stressed that the implementation of the TAPI project will be a milestone for peace in the region.

Noting that the project was important for energy and regional cooperation, the Indian high Commissioner for Pakistan, Ajay Bisaria, stressed that the pipeline was a sign of peace for partner countries. He added that the project will bring harmony, and is a stimulus to peace.

The TAPI project will help increase regional connectivity and trade, said Ajay Bisaria. Referring to Pakistan's relations with India, he noted that the project could help to establish peace between the two countries. The TAPI project will facilitate security cooperation between the participating countries.

Deputy head of the Afghanistan mission in Pakistan Zardasht Shams, speaking on this occasion, said that the pipeline project will lead to harmony, peace and regional security.

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