Features of delivery of bulky cargo to the Caspian region were discussed at the forum in Avaza

Features of delivery to the Caspian region of bulky and heavy cargo by various modes of transport, their transit to other Central Asian States through the territory of Turkmenistan were discussed at the first international conference "HEAVY CASPIAN: TURKMENISTAN", which completed work in the national tourist zone "Avaza" on the Turkmen coast of the Caspian sea. 

The forum brought together more than a hundred representatives of national and international associations, transport, logistics, forwarding, trade and consulting companies of Turkmenistan, the Russian Federation, Austria, Belgium, the Republic of Korea, Turkey, Iran, Luxembourg, Poland, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Estonia.

The meeting was designed to establish partnership relations between the relevant ministries and departments – railway and road transport, the “Turkmenhowayollary” service, the State service of sea and river transport - and potential customers of transport services, primarily in the oil and gas sector, the chemical industry and other industries, private entities engaged in cargo transportation.

As noted in the reports, being a full member of the international cargo transportation system, Turkmenistan provides reliable transport and transit communication on its territory. Great attention is paid to strengthening the material and technical base of all types of transport – road, rail, air, sea. New air ports are built, steel, highway, highways and bridges linking Turkmenistan with neighboring countries are regularly updated with new modern Navy vessels, aircraft, railway rolling stock.

Actively developing international cooperation in the field of transport, Turkmenistan initiates the creation of interstate transport corridors linking Central Asia and Europe, the Caspian, Black sea and Baltic regions, the Middle and middle East, South and South-East Asia.

The leaders and leading specialists of the Turkmen logistics Association, JSC "Transport and logistics center of Turkmenistan", "LAM Group of Shipping Companies" (Turkey), "Barrus Projects" (Russia), "Yuk Ulag Merkezi" and "Beyik Yupek Yoly" (Turkmenistan), "DAI Global" (Kazakhstan) and others shared their experience in the field of transport and examples of successful optimization of logistics processes and freight routes.

The participants of the forum were particularly interested in the projects planned for the construction of large industrial complexes, voiced in the reports of representatives of the state concern "Turkmengas" and the state corporation "Turkmenchemistry".

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