Developments of the Turkmen scientists increase efficiency of production of hydrocarbon raw materials

For many years of work the Institute of natural gas of the State concern "Turkmengas" accumulated vast experience of development of hydrocarbon fields. Specialists of Institute prepared scientific and practical recommendations about successful conducting of exploration works and an increment of inventories of oil and gas. In production tens of developments on enhancement of technology of gas production and well-drilling have been implemented. It is told in the publication on the website "Turkmenistan: The Golden Age". 

All gas and gas-condensate fields of Turkmenistan are developed on projects of the Turkmen scientists and specialists: Dovletabad, Galkynysh, Malay, "10 years of independence", Yolguyi, Bagadzha and many others. One of urgent tasks - is an intensification of processes of drilling, increase in amount of production of hydrocarbon raw materials on the operating and again opened gas squares which successful solution substantially depends on use of progressive technologies of opening of the productive horizons.


Specialists of the department of drilling of Institute of natural gas of the State concern "Turkmengas" developed recommendations about a construction of operational wells on the huge field Galkynysh where deep drilling in difficult geological conditions - high reservoir pressure, a set of incompatible zones, content of sour gases in a productive part of a section, etc. - is conducted. In the construction project of operational wells the new design which allowed to increase efficiency of drilling operations, reliability and durability of a construction, and also a possibility of providing high outputs of wells was pledged.

For the successful drilling in the difficult mining-and-geological conditions solutions possessing high greasing, inhibiting and colmatage properties, a high heat and salt endurance from polymineral aggression are developed. One of innovations of laboratory - is the lubricant additive to drilling clay solutions protected by the temporary patent - was applied on Elakly and Mydar areas, thanks to what the estimated cost of a construction of wells was noticeably reduced.

One of urgent tasks is development of compositions of technological liquids for prevention of problems in a bottomhole zone in the course of repair of wells. Solution of low density with optimum technological indicators was developed for use on squares with low reservoir pressure in laboratory. These low-clay solutions were applied by gas producers when opening productive layers about ten operational wells. As a result on the gas-condensate field Dovletabad an additional surplus of an output of gas practically in each well was received.  

In laboratory the emulsion, made foam, polymeric solutions with high viscosity and the lowered density have been developed for workover in the conditions of abnormally low reservoir pressures. Within several years these solutions are used on the areas of management of "Marygazdobycha" and "Dovletabadgazdobycha". Low-clay emulsion solutions on a polymeric basis are protected by patents of Turkmenistan.

For improvement of their lubricant properties include various additives on the basis of local raw materials and production wastes in standard or alternative compoundings of boring solutions – mix of waste oils and fatty acids. Use of such solutions is perspective and is economical – they control filtering, prevent absorption of solutions, taluses and collapses, a kolmatation of layer and do not exert negative impact on a filtration capability of a collector.

Specialists of laboratory developed receipt-cement solutions which use will reduce the need for the imported chemical reagents without loss of quality of grouting solutions. As insulating material for fixture of wells according to recommendations of scientists production of Kelyati cement works, as liquid for hardening - technical water, a brine, as reagents – a dextrin and chrompeak, as heat-resistant material – quartz sand is used.

Besides, in laboratory the composition of buffer liquids is developed for high-quality separation of drilling and grouting solutions and removal of a clay crust from well walls.

As flushing liquid scientists suggested to use clay drilling mud fluid which prepares from local lump clays with use of technical and sea water. And implementation of the sulfate-sodium solution developed by specialists of laboratory increases stability of a trunk of a well in clay breeds and excludes use of the special chemical reagents imported from abroad.


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