The president Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov formulated key tasks of energy industry

At the enlarged meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of

Turkmenistan which took place on April 5 devoted to results of

social and economic development of the country for the first

quarter 2017, the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made

the speech in which he analyzed the state of affairs and

formulated key tasks of development of primary branches of

national economy including the oil and gas complex.

In particular, speaking about key aspects of activities of energy

industry, the head of state focused attention on a growth in

volumes of export of production of the oil and gas industry, a

construction of a gas-chemical complex based on the gas fields

rich with the high-structured ethane. 

"The combination of such productions will give the chance to

issue various polymers which are the main component for

production of hundreds of types of industrial output. It is

necessary to develop more intensively the gas-processing

industry for the purpose of release in the country of ammonia, a

carbamide and technical carbon, to increase amounts of the

made liquefied gas which is in great demand in the world


According to the head of state, these major production directions

will allow to diversify national economy, having become an

alternative of natural gas export by pipelines. In this context it is

necessary to continue implementation of measures for technical

retrofitting of industries of fuel and energy complex, a construction

of the new plants, development and commissioning of earlier

found oil and gas fields.

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