TCOR – the great example of the movement to the innovative industry

Now on the instructions of the President of Turkmenistan

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov all ministries and departments of

the country have begun development of programs of

technological modernization of the industry for release of the

knowledge-intensive and high-tech production. The created

infrastructure of the new industrial enterprises has been designed

to provide high competitiveness of domestic goods in foreign

markets that in turn, will allow to accelerate inclusion of

Turkmenistan to number of the developed countries of the world.  

As it is noted in the article "The Innovative Industry — the Base of

Industrialization of Economy" published in the Neutral

Turkmenistan newspaper, the new industrial technological way,

which is characterized by production chemicalixation, wide use of

plastic as constructional materials, growth of consumption of oil

as the major energy carrier and increase in a role of the motor

transport, was created in Turkmenistan during the era of

independence and has gained especially intensive development

in recent years.

According to the author of the publication, the chief specialist of

Institute of studying of commodity turnover of national products of

Turkmenistan, Candidate of Economic Sciences Vasily Denisov,

the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries (TCOR) is a concrete

example of progress from one technological way to the following.

The new fuel and petrochemical installations constructed on this

industrial giant with participation of major companies of Germany,

Iran, Israel, USA, Turkey, France, Japan, by the technical

characteristics has no analogs in the region, V. Denisov


He has also noted that their input in action became original

technological revolution in the petrochemical industry of

Turkmenistan which is nowadays producing tens of types of the

high-quality oil products which are in great demand in the world

markets. These are high-octane, unleaded automobile gasolines,

aviation kerosene, the purified diesel fuel, oil coke, polypropylene,

the wide range of diesel and universal oils.

TCOR is the exporter, largest in Central Asia, of the liquefied gas

for which storage and shipment automobile, railway and sea

terminals are constructed. Work in this direction is continued as in

respect of increase in reliability of operation of the interconnected

technological installations, and on creation of petrochemical

productions, essentially new to the country, including at Seydi oil

refinery, it is noted in the publication.

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