The State Concern "Turkmennebit": one of priority tasks -is the implementation of new technologies

The oil and gas industry takes an important place in formation of the Turkmen state, especially it was thus in the first years of its development and today continues to remain one of the leading directions of national economy. The successful energy policy of Turkmenistan pursued under the leadership of dear President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov is directed on strengthening of energy security, both in the region, and in the world in general, being an important condition of general economic development and political stability.

How issues on increase of amounts of the "black gold", which is extracted in our country, and strengthening of a source of raw materials of fuel and energy complex are resolved, the vice-chairman of the State Concern "Turkmennebit" Dovletdurdy HADZHIYEV told in interview to the Nebit-Gaz newspaper:

– Turkmenistan possessing huge inventories of oil and gas, is among the leading energy powers, actively participates in development of the world energy market. Growth of oil and gas extraction, improvement of quality of the production made for internal consumption, a growth in volumes of sending energy carriers to the world markets became one of the priority directions of energy policy of our country. Now the State Concern "Turkmennebit" operates about 30 areas which are at different stages of development.

One of the key tasks facing concern is increase of amounts of oil extraction due to complex equipment of production by new technologies and widespread introduction in it the high-technology equipment. It gives the chance to increase capacities by development of the remote oil horizons on the long ago developed fields, and also commissioning of deep-laying oil layers.

For this purpose the cooperation with the foreign companies becomes stronger. In particular, the adjusted business cooperation between "Turkmennebit" State Concern and the foreign companies for carrying out service works on capital repairs of the mastered wells in the western velayat of our country extends long ago.

On the Goturdepe field which is developed for already 50 years, as a result of implementation of new technologies, proceeds not only successful operation, but also increase of its oil production. Besides, in the future the concern plans implementation for development of fields in the Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea. They possess huge inventories of oil and gas. Now there, on the terms of the section of production the foreign companies "Petronas" and "Dragon Oil" carry out works. For the first time in the history of the oil and gas industry of our country oil industry workers take the first steps in development of sea inventories of hydrocarbons.

10 drilling rigs given Dear President to the State Concern "Turkmennebit" successfully work at a factory. Now on fields Northern to Goturdepa and Altygui by means of these drilling rigs works on deep drilling are carried out. Results of the carried-out drilling operations talk about the big future of these fields.

Besides, it should be noted that the concern began works on drilling of horizontal and inclined and directed wells. One of such horizontal wells is the well No. 199 which on 80 degrees an inclined plane and 721 meters is drilled horizontally. Such wells are supposed to be drilled on territories Northern to Goturdepa and Altygui. 

The increase of production of hydrocarbons is reached not only at the expense of a production intensification on the existing fields, but also due to opening and development of the new areas on the land. On the territory of Turkmenistan geologists revealed and prepared for search some perspective oil and gas deposits which are interesting for opening of new fields. So in the southwest of the country, on territories of Altyguyi, Kemer, Garadashla the concern revealed new deposits.

Fields Uzynada and Akpatlavuk which are in the southwest of Turkmenistan are among perspective objects for deep drilling. For the first time for our history, for the purpose of search of deposits of hydrocarbons in the Bds red beds of a pliocene, drilling of a deep search well with project depth of 7150 meters is begun. Drilling operations are carried out to a mark of depth of 3344 meters and now they continue to be carried out by the increased rates. Great opportunities for building-up of oil production are connected using advanced technologies in workover. For the first time our specialists carried out successfully works on insert of additional trunks to operational columns of the idle wells on fields to Goturdepe and Barsagelmez using the Chinese XJ-450 installation.

Thus, the major problems on further strengthening of an energy potential of Turkmenistan set by the dear President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for the oil and gas industry are solved in a complex - by effective development of the existing fields, involvement in industrial development of new deposits, and also due to the accelerated investigation of the perspective oil-and-gas areas.

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