The construction of the Turkmen site of the TAPI gas pipeline gains paces

On the route of the Turkmen site of the TAPI gas pipeline welding works began. This work is performed by the prime contractor of construction – “Marynebitgazgurlushik” trust of the State Concern “Turkmennebitgazgurlushik”. Laying of the highway which will take place along future route is at the same time conducted.

As it was reported, the Head of State charged designing and construction of the Turkmen site of the pipeline of Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India 214 kilometers long to domestic concerns "Turkmennebitgazgurlushik" and "Turkmengas" who was elected the leader of the TAPI Pipeline Company Limited international consortium. "Turkmengas" will coordinate questions of construction, financing and operation of the pipeline.

It is remarkable that for gaining pace of works on the interstate gas pipeline contract organizations divided an initial site of future route of 75 kilometers into six pieces at the same time to conduct stacking of lashes of pipes and their welding by several flows that allows increasing rates of works. This technology of construction of gas pipelines the Turkmen specialists successfully mastered in case of a construction of the regional gas pipeline the East-West and other gas-transport systems.

On the Turkmen section of the route to border with Afghanistan builders will lay a pipe with a diameter of 1420 millimeters, will construct compressor station, nodes of start of clearing devices, will build the accompanying objects, in particular, water intakes and engineering networks, access roads, control offices, field camps, will provide power supply. After laying of linear part of the gas pipeline the system of automatic equipment and telemechanics that will provide management of all pipeline network from single control office will be implemented, will allow to increase or reduce gas transportation loads depending on export requirements.

Survey and complex of engineering and prospecting works on the route of a trunk gas pipeline from the Galkynysh field to border with Afghanistan are complete. These data will help to determine an optimum route of the gas pipeline and the characteristic of the pipes used for gas transportation.

For acceleration of engineering and prospecting works new portable drilling rigs, the modern software for cameral handling of the obtained data were used. Documentation is transferred to contract organizations to construction of the first kilometers of future gas pipeline. Now the analysis and a choice of the equipment necessary for use on linear part of the pipeline and its land auxiliary sites proceeds.

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