Kiyanly polypropylene will be the raw material for the production of material "spunbond"

At the enterprises of the Ministry of textile industry it is planned to organize the production of non-woven material "Spunlace", and in the future - and synthetic material technology "spunbond". Currently, a tender is being held to select a contractor for the construction of an enterprise for the production of materials on Spunlace technology, the electronic newspaper “Turkmenistan: Golden age reports”.

As a raw material for the production of spunbond material, it is planned to use polypropylene produced at the polymer plant in Kiyanly. This non-woven thermally bonded material, consisting of the finest polypropylene yarns, is the basis in the production of disposable clothing. Its advantages include bioinert, strength and affordable cost.

Nonwovens "spunbond" are widely used in many industries: in the production of agrotextile, disposable clothing, including medical, are the basis for building membranes and waterproofing materials, are used in light industry as accessories and packaging material for the manufacture of covers, bags, disposable clothing for medical institutions, beauty salons, etc.

It is also planned to launch the production of synthetic fabrics for clothing. Non-woven materials "spunbond" can also be used in the production of carpet. They have high strength and low density, hypoallergenic.

Spunlace - technology of production of nonwoven fabric by a dense connection of fibers (threads) water jets of high pressure, without the use of adhesives. The result is a soft lint-free material with high hygroscopicity.

The starting materials for the manufacture of fabrics by "Spunlace" are most often fibers obtained from viscose, polyester, polypropylene, cellulose, cotton. Turkmen textile workers plan to use purified and bleached waste of spinning production

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