Oil prices change in different directions: Brent- $ 70,69 per barrel, WTI - $60,52

World oil prices on November 9 in the morning change in different directions. This is evidenced by the auction data. As of 7: 50 GMT, the value of January futures on Brent grew by 0.06% to $ 70.69 per barrel. The price of December WTI oil futures decreased by 0.25% to $ 60.52 per barrel.

Concerns about the risk of an oversupply of raw materials on the world market led to a decrease in the price of "black gold" by about 20% from the highs reached in early October for four years.

Then the cost of oil was actively growing in anticipation of the entry into force of US sanctions against Iran on November 5, RIA Novosti writes.

However, after it became known about the easing in sanctions, oil prices began to decline.

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