Forum on TAPI gas pipeline opened in Kabul

An exhibition dedicated to the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI-TAPI) gas pipeline project was opened in Kabul on Monday 15 October to attract the private sector to participate in this large-scale project. The exhibition Committee of the TAPI created in Afghanistan to conduct presentation of demonstrations in the countries-members of the project.

This action was held for the first time, and 20 companies took part in it, according to the Afghan website Tolonews. The head of the Committee, Ahmad Samir Matin, said at the opening ceremony that the exhibition aims to present private companies to TAPI officials and prepare the ground for private sector participation in the project.

The Director of the TAPI project in Afghanistan, Abdul Rahman Mujahid, noted that 95% of the preliminary work in Afghanistan for TAPI has been completed and that the practical work on the project will start soon. "Our companies have good engineers and technical staff. They have all the opportunities to take part in this project and make a worthy contribution to its implementation," said the head of the private construction company Musharaf Musharaf.

"Transit and transportation is a large part of the TAPI project, which includes the transportation of pipelines, building materials and logistics materials. Transport and transit companies can play a good role in this regard," Tolonews quotes Lotfullah Amini, head of a private transit company.

The Afghan chamber of Commerce and industry (ACCI) urged the government to encourage Afghan companies to participate in the TAPI project. TAPI exhibition will be open for three days in Kabul.

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