Oil prices rise: Brent- $81.4 per barrel, WTI - $72.08

World oil prices rose by more than 1% in the morning of October 15. This is evidenced by the auction data. At 8:32 GMT, the cost of December futures on Brent rose by 1.21% to 81.4 dollars per barrel, the price of November futures on WTI - by 1.04%, to 72.08 dollars per barrel.

US senators raised the issue of imposing sanctions against Saudi Arabia within the framework of the "Magnitsky act". According to this document, the US President has 120 days to decide whether to impose sanctions against certain foreign officials for alleged violations of human rights.

In addition, the UK has already begun to compile a list of Saudi officials and security forces, against which it can potentially impose sanctions, RIA Novosti reported.

On 14 October, Saudi Arabia threatened to respond with more serious measures to the possibility of such sanctions. Saudi Arabia, along with the United States and Russia, is one of the world leaders in terms of oil production. According to the OPEC report, production in this country in September amounted to more than 10.5 million barrels per day.

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