In "Avaza" prizes were awarded to the winners of the rally «Amul-Khazar 2018»

Last Saturday the international rally "Amul-Khazar 2018"successfully finished. In the evening, the National tourist zone "Avaza" hosted a solemn ceremony of meeting the participants and awarding the winners of the rally, included in the chronicle of Motorsport.

The marathon, which ran along the historic Great Silk road, was the largest off-road race in Asia in its scale and significance. The grandiose competition united professionals and fans of this sport from more than 20 countries of the world.

15 crews from Turkmenistan performed in different categories. According to experts, members of the young Turkmen team showed good results and confidently claimed victory.

The ceremony of awarding the prizes to the rally winners took place on the square in front of the main flagpole of the Balkan province, where the podium was installed. The winners and prize-winners in each of the categories took their places on the podium and received the coveted trophies with the inscription "Amul-Khazar 2018".

On Saturday evening President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and General Director of the rally-marathon "Africa Eco Race" Jean-Louis Schlesser in the "Avaza" awarded the winners of the rally "Amul-the Khazar 2018" with special prizes – sets of coins issued by the Central Bank in honor of the rally, and the national Turkmen clothes. 

Thus, the traditional sheepskin coats and white hats were presented to those who took the first places in their category. These are gold winners: Spanish team ‑ Hoan Roma and Alex Haro, the fastest past the track on his "MINI", the Belarusian team"MAZ" - pilot Sergey Vyazovich, navigator Pavel Garanin and mechanic Andrey Zhigulin, Kazakhstan crew of the car" NISSAN " Kirill Chernenkov and Alex Mun, French crews Thierry Pitavi and Gillis Colombo, Ivan Pierre and Veronica Dard.

Those who took second and third places were awarded red coats-dawn and dark telpeks. Silver medalists were: Miroslav Zapletal and Marek Sikora of the Czech Republic, the Russian "KAMAZ" Airat Mardeev, Dmitry Svistunov and Ahmet Galyautdinov, the French Duo Herve Dirs and Alan Bruce, the team of Kazakhstan Marat and Nursultan Abikayev, British driver Harry Hunt and his team-mate Wouter Rosegarden.

The third step of the podium took two Turkmen crews: pilot Hojakuli Annamammedov - the driver of the motor company office of the President of Turkmenistan, athletic Center Motorsport, the Ministry of Internal affairs of Turkmenistan and the navigator, Gaigysyz Akmyradov, officer of motor transport Department of the Ministry of defence of Turkmenistan, as well as pilot Guvanch Hommadov, athletic Center Motorsport, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Turkmenistan, and navigator Rejepniyaz Annaberdiev.

Among the bronze medal winners also representatives of "KAMAZ-master" Dmitry Sotnikov, Ruslan Akhmadeev, Ilgiz Akhmetzyanov, the French Jean-Claude Rufe and Jerome BOS, the Dutch Geert Jan van Der Valk and Branko Lange.

“The President of Turkmenistan is known all over the world for his outstanding personal contribution to the development of sports, in particular, the Turkmen leader played a significant role in promoting motorsport on the planet, ‑ Jean-Louis Schlesser said. - I will see you at the new events, at the rally, which will be held in Turkmenistan next year!”

The same evening the "Avaza" hosted the concert of domestic and foreign pop stars, who pleased the audience with performances of Turkish singer Hadise Acikgoz, Romanian group "Morandi", the Russian artist Igor Saruhanov, Turkmen dance and folklore ensembles. Events that summed up the race in Karakum, ended with colorful fireworks and created a unique atmosphere of unity of representatives of different countries.

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