Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Jean-Louis Schlesser emphasized the ecological status of the rally "Amul-Khazar 2018"

At the end of the qualifying race, the President of Turkmenistan spoke with the Director General of the Africa Eco Race rally, involved in the implementation of the "Amul-Khazar 2018" project, Jean-Louis Schlesser.

– Sport is always good, because it unites people and countries, it is stability and peace in the world, - said the head of the state. - The eco-rally raid "Amul-Khazar 2018" is very important, the name itself says that Turkmenistan has always been the heart of the Great Silk road, which is now being revived in a modern format. The main track passes through the Karakum desert, the exoticism of which, I think, will inspire and give strength to our guests.

Special attention was paid to the ecological status of the rally. Since this type of competition is associated with harmful exhaust gases, CO2, when they are organized in our country in a number of priority environmental issues were identified, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said. Turkmenistan always attaches great importance to environmental protection in its policy, the head of state stressed, noting that the participants of the rally "Amul-Khazar 2018" were provided with environmentally friendly fuel "ECO-5", produced in Turkmenistan.

We also intend to produce environmental synthetic gasoline from gas, which will ensure the future development of this sport. The processes taking place on our planet – global warming, natural disasters – bring to the fore the formation in the public consciousness of environmental responsibility and the principles of respect for the environment. In this context, the Turkmen leader stressed that the UN General Assembly adopted the relevant Resolutions initiated by Turkmenistan.

Jean-Louis Schlesser assured the head of the state of the high interest of the organization "Africa Eco-flight" in cooperation with Turkmenistan, as well as the desire to tell the world about the efforts made in our country to solve the problems of environmental protection, environmental protection and nature.

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