Turkmenistan has great potential in alternative and "classical" power engineering, - ADB

Turkmenistan has great prospects in the development of alternative energy. Such opinion was expressed by Soheil Hasni, senior specialist of the energy Department of the Asian Development Bank, who participated in the 27th meeting of the CAREC energy sector coordinating Committee, which ended in Ashgabat last week,the ORIENT Agency reports.

"There you can build the most cost-effective solar farms to generate electricity for export, - the expert said. - I myself was in Mary, Balkanabat and know that there is a huge space for solar power plants. Therefore, Turkmenistan has great potential in this area”.

- Moreover, every roof in the country can be “Sunny”, - S. Hasni said. - The use of electric vehicles powered by renewable sources of electricity is also very promising for Turkmenistan. And it is not just due to the sun and the number of sunny days. The country is also very rich in high-quality silicon, from which it is possible to create effective solar panels.

S. Hasni also pointed the great prospects of TAPI pipeline, having reminded that gas would remain one of the most popular "classical" types of energy carriers in the world.

The expert separately emphasized that ADB is interested in expanding its participation in this project, especially on the news about the beginning of the construction of the Afghan section of the gas pipeline and the construction of a power line from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to Pakistan.

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