TAR expands opportunities for major European markets

In accordance with the European Union rules, any exporter wishing to participate in the "open seasons" of the TRANS-Adriatic pipeline (TAP) can do so in case of compliance with the requirements for participation, Lisa Givert, head of TAP communications Department, told Trend and Azernews, commenting on the possibility of other countries joining the project.

Earlier, Vice-President of the European Commission on energy Union Marosh Shefcovich said that the EU is ready to discuss the possibility of connecting Iran to the "southern gas corridor" (SGC). He also said that the EU continues to look for ways to connect Turkmenistan to this project.

"TAP is the European branch of the southern gas corridor. The pipeline will initially transport 10 billion cubic meters from Shah Deniz-2 field in Azerbaijan and will be able to double its capacity after additional gas resources are received, "Givert said.

According to the head of tap communications, the pipeline's surface access in Italy provides a large number of opportunities for such major European markets as Germany, France, great Britain, Switzerland and Austria.

"TAP's contribution to energy security and diversification may be the largest in Southeastern Europe. TAP remains committed to connect to multiple infrastructure projects such as Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (IGB) and the Ionian Adriatic pipeline (IAP)," - said the head of the Department of communications.

Givert stressed that by cooperating with IGB and IAP, TAP plays a key role in ensuring greater interdependence and security of supply - the key objectives of the European energy Union.

"TAP also has the ability to reverse gas supplies in the event of an emergency or a potential interruption. We want to emphasize that TAP does not own the gas it transports and is not responsible for the construction of physical infrastructure in South-Eastern Europe (beyond the 878 km pipeline)," said the head of the communications Department.

According to Givert, different regions can agree on commercial terms with potential gas suppliers to ensure the receipt of new and diversified sources in the relevant markets.

"With the recovery of the economy and the gradual cessation of electricity production on coal fuel, demand for natural gas in South-Eastern Europe is expected to grow. Thus, TAP will allow to introduce a cleaner energy source, which will help to reduce carbon emissions and achieve environmental goals", - said the head of the communications Department.

TAP at a cost of 4.5 billion Euro is part of the project "southern gas corridor" will be connected with another pipeline - TANAP on the Turkish-Greek border: he will be laid through the territory of Greece, Albania, across the bottom of the Adriatic sea, and then sent to the South of Italy.

It is expected that the construction of TANAP will be completed in 2018, and TAP - in 2020.

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