The results of work of the fuel and energy complex for 2 months of 2018 were summed up

Today the Central building of oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan hosted the meeting under the chairmanship of the Vice-Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Maksat Babayev, at which the results of work of the enterprises of the industry over the past 2 months 2018 were discussed.

During the meeting, the heads of the State Concerns "Turkmengas", "Turkmennebit", the State Corporation "Turkmengeology", the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries and CJSC "Nebitgazhyzmat"made detailed reports on the work performed, as well as on the actions planned.

The reports also included information on the implementation of the "Program of development of the oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan for the period up to 2030". In particular, there was information about technical and economic indicators achieved in the field of oil and gas condensate production, processing of hydrocarbons, production of gasoline, diesel fuel, polypropylene, lubricating oils and other petroleum products, as well as liquefied natural and associated gas, export of "blue fuel", development of investments.

The relevant heads reported on the progress in the construction of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline, which is being conducted in accordance with the approved schedule.

During the reporting meeting, the head of the research Institute of natural gas of the State Concern "Turkmengas" reported on the ongoing researches.

The heads of CJSC "Nebitgazhyzmat" also made reports. After hearing them, the Vice-Chairman M. Babayev gave specific instructions on the creation of new activities of the company for additional financial benefit.  

At the end of the meeting, the Vice-Chairman, noting the essential importance of the oil and gas complex in the stable development of the country's economy, stated that the timely execution of all orders, as well as the achievement of the goals set by the President of Turkmenistan for the complex, was a priority for each employee of the industry.

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