Europe keeps trying to hold the pipe under the Caspian sea

TRANS-Caspian gas pipeline through which gas from Central Asia will go to European markets, is an important additional element of the project "southern gas corridor". Apparently, this year the European Commission will be engaged in the conditions of gas transportation from the Eastern shore of the Caspian sea through Azerbaijan to Europe. It is reported by Azerbaijan information-analytical and monitoring portal

As the head of the oil research Center Ilham Shaban, for such a forecast there is a very compelling reason. On the possibility of a gas pipeline under the Caspian sea saying for 20 years, but if in 90-e years the implementation of this idea was lobbied by private companies, then it drew the attention of the European Commission.

"This international body has repeatedly stated that in the framework of the diversification of sources of gas supplies to the EU the supply of Caspian gas from Azerbaijan and from the right Bank of the Caspian sea are considered as very real.

Moreover, the Commission specifically stated supplier countries: Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan", - said Shaban

The publication reminds that in 2015 Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Turkey at the level of foreign Ministers set up a Commission on energy cooperation, and each year the members of the Commission meet and discuss the prospects of cooperation in this field.

In 2018 will be launched the First phase of the southern gas corridor with the end point in the EU area. This event, in addition to Turkmenistan is very interested in Kazakhstan. At a recent meeting of the intergovernmental Commission the Minister of energy of Kazakhstan said that Astana is considering the possibility of its gas supplies via Azerbaijan to world markets, including tanker transport in liquefied form.

"But the most important realization of the idea of transporting gas from Central Asia to the EU, - the expert on oil and gas from the territory of Azerbaijan has already constructed the infrastructure of a large export of Caspian gas to global markets. Now it is safe to say that from 2020 on, the European markets will start transporting Caspian gas first, followed by the gradual expansion of this pipeline." That is why countries that have sufficient volumes to supply gas to external markets, and also planning in the future to export it, for example, Israel and Iraq, began to consider the possibility of connecting to the "southern gas corridor".

By the way, Vice-President of the European Commission Marosh Shefcovich plans to a month later to visit Baku and take part in the 4th meeting of the Advisory Council of the project "southern gas corridor", the newspaper writes.

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