On the area of Minara an industrial flow of natural gas was obtained

Industrial flow of natural gas was received at the third exploration well drilled by employees of management "Lebapnebitgazgozleg" of the State Corporation "Turkmengeology" in the area of Minara, located on the territory of Murgab etrap in Mary region.

Its design depth is 4750 meters. Daily debit of the well is about 1 million cubic meters of natural gas.

Currently, management experts continue to study the natural resources, chemical and other properties of the well.

Close to the location of the area of Minara to the world-famous super-giant gas field "Galkynysh" showst the great prospects of the new square.

Informed as a result of exploration works conducted by employees of management "Lebapnebitgazgozleg" square Bagly in Mary region, was received even more powerful in terms of industrial gas flow, indicating the active participation of scouts in search of hydrocarbon resources of our country.

Thanks to the support rendered by the President of Turkmenistan to develop the fuel and energy complex of the country, is growing production-technical base of divisions of the GC "Turkmengeology." In recent years, a large part of drilling equipment is replaced by the most powerful and reliable equipment from the leading manufacturers of foreign countries.

Modern equipment and new technologies introduced in the production, facilitates successful execution of monthly plans for deep drilling. And this, in turn, makes a significant contribution to the increase in production of hydrocarbons from the subsoil of Turkmenistan.

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