In the last week of 2017 at the State commodity and raw materials exchange of Turkmenistan 12 deals were registered.

The project TRANS-Anatolian pipeline (TANAP) will increase the strategic importance of Turkey in the region and open up an energy corridor that contributes to the output of the gas resources of Azerbaijan to the European market. This was stated by the head of the TANAP consortium Saltuk Duzyol, Trend news Agency reported.

TANAP will be laid from the Georgian-Turkish border to the Western border of Turkey. TANAP, along with another pipeline - the TRANS-Adriatic (TAP) - is part of the project "southern gas corridor", which envisages transporting gas from Azerbaijani field "Shah Deniz" to Europe.

According to the head of the consortium, TANAP is one of the most important projects for ensuring energy security of Turkey, and from the point of view of its ability to meet the growing demand for energy in the future.

"Only from the point of view of employment in the course of the project created and jobs will be created for more than 15 thousand people directly or indirectly involved in construction, support services, tube manufacturing and other sectors. A large number of contracts were awarded to Turkish contractors", - quotes Agency Duzyol Trend.

The head of the consortium added that over time and other potential suppliers in Central Asia, the middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean will also be able to access the market through this new route.

The initial capacity of the TANAP pipeline is expected to be 16 billion cubic meters of gas per year. About 6 billion cubic meters will be delivered to Turkey and rest to Europe. After the completion of the TRANS-Adriatic pipeline (TAP) the gas will go to Europe approximately in the early 2020.

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