The New Year 2018 was welcomed in Turkmenistan

Turkmen gratefully carried out 2017, held under the motto "the Year of health and inspiration," and welcomed the New 2018-th year, whose motto "Turkmenistan – the heart of the Great silk road".

To sum up 2017 at the Cabinet meeting on December 29, the President noted that Turkmenistan's largest natural gas producer, was able to adapt to difficult external conditions and keep the pace of development. Moreover, has been strengthened by diversification of the industrial complex of the country, adopted an ambitious program to increase natural gas production, the construction of new pipelines, natural resources development, support to non-state sector of the economy and entrepreneurship. As a result of undertaken measures in our country GDP growth is expected at 6.5 percent.

In 2018 we can expect a lot of major events, the most important of which – the election of members of the Halk Maslahaty, the world championship in weightlifting and the international rally "From Amul to Hazar", and the beginning of construction of international gas pipeline Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India.

As you know, coming in 2018 – the year of the Dog, and for the Turkmenistan – Alabai Vepaly. This year, as the President said, "we will open all the way, will be of unprecedented open, large projects were implemented. We are waiting for the massive task that we undertake with enthusiasm and a clear vision of the future, both at the national regional and global level."

The most massive place of new year's celebrations have been a traditionally square in front of entertainment center "Älem", where the Main tree of the country. The whole area around it turned into a fairy-tale town in the sparkling winter plumage of shining stars, glittering garlands, Christmas decorations and colorful illuminations.

The celebration event was attended by members of government, heads of ministries and sectoral departments, members of Parliament, heads of accredited in our country, diplomatic missions and ambassadors of Turkmenistan abroad, and numerous Ashgabat citizens and guests of the capital.

Via teleconference, linking the capital with the administrative centers of all provinces of the country, for the new year celebration in Ashgabat joined all regions, where he also developed a colorful new year show with participation of variety of soloists and creative collectives, brought together numerous spectators. Among them - elders and youth, a gray-haired mother, the villagers, children.

Holiday program Christmas night continued with the concert with participation of pop stars, popular soloists masters of the music scene. Was presented to the vocal-choreographic compositions on the folk themes and motifs in a new supply, vintage modern lyrical and fiery songs.

A few minutes before the New year a new year's address to the people of Turkmenistan live from the Palace complex "Oguzkhan" was made by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Summarizing 2017, the head of state noted that during this time there were built many large facilities, a large-scale transformation in the economy to a qualitatively new level derived health, sports, science and education.

- Our independent state will continue to move forward, following the course of positive neutrality and peace, - said the Turkmen leader.

Speaking of 2018 motto "Turkmenistan - the heart of the Great silk road", the head of state noted the important role of our country in the revival of this Way in the third Millennium, as well as a large contribution of Turkmenistan in the development and strengthening of political, trade-economic and cultural-humanitarian relations in the international arena.

Turning to the upcoming 2018 events, the head of state said about the planned first meeting of Khalk Maslakhaty of Turkmenistan, which will identify specific areas and targets for the further development of the homeland.

The President also stressed that in order to improve the standard of living and social protection, since January 1 increased by 10 percent the amount of wages, pensions and state allowances and scholarships to students and trainees. This policy we will continue in the future, said the head of state.

May 2018 will be for our sovereign Fatherland and the native people a year of happiness, prosperity and success, said the head of state at the end, wishing all the Turkmen in the New year good health, family happiness, prosperity and wealth!

New year's eve lit up with fireworks over entertainment center "Älem".

The new year's holiday, full of light and heat, held in towns and villages, in every corner of our country. Colorful theatrical performances, concerts with participation of masters of the stage, young variety and circus artists, creative groups have become a wonderful gift to the Turkmen citizens, multiplying them in a festive mood.

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