The coming year will be more stable and harmonious, - Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at a government meeting last Friday focused on the symbol of the coming New year 2018 – Year of the Dog, and for the Turkmenistan – alabai Vepaly. In this regard, the head of state voiced a prediction of what the coming year will be.

In particular, the President noted that astrologers think the dog is wise, fair and sensitive animals, noting her dedication and friendliness. In this regard, the head of state expressed the opinion that the coming year compared with the outgoing will be more stable and harmonious.

-As we know, alabay – a faithful and devoted human companion, always ready to defend those who needs help. In case of trouble, he is able to resist the strong enemy, to take vengeance on the scoundrels, parasites, swindlers, said Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

-It also has a very restless nature, due to which they vigilantly stand guard over the peaceful life and always fair and never betray. - On this basis we can expect the Dog Year will be prosperous for us. Although they prefer not to change the way of life, but to improve its conditions, they like it, said the head of state.

- This astrological characteristics allow us to hope that the new year will be a year of prosperity, bringing success to people is persistent and hardworking, and always will be accompanied by high respect, honor and prosperity, said the President. These animals make us happier, kinder, happier, inherent modesty, generosity, resulting in rejection of the pursuit of glory.

- Next year will be a year of celebration of friendship and candor - said the leader of the nation. -And even in relations with competitors we must remain steadfast and faithful to our original principles, especially that next year will be characterized by the ability to withstand all sorts of tricks and operate correctly, and the creative approach to any business will increase our confidence that we will be open all the way, will be of unprecedented open, large projects were implemented. Hardworking and energetic people, engaged in favorite business, everything will turn out well.

-I think that in the New year with health and special problems will not be, - said Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, noting that the bad habits have to leave, and then to such poisons as tobacco and alcohol especially will not have to spend.

-Good relations with people, we must, as before, to be committed next year - said the President. -It is these relationships that will protect us from the bad intentions of any intruder. And also with us – Nepali that noble looks good. And nobility inherent in those who aspire to spiritual perfection, to do good, to live in peace and friendship.

-The New year brings us happiness, love and prosperity, we must adhere to these principles-continued the head of state, and, in the first place, not to be petty in life, no one to hurt, to treat people with confidence in everyday situations to be Mature and wise.

Dog – the animal home, said the head of state. In 2018 we should pay reverence to refer to family values, friendship, home, more time to devote to the family, to support and help the family.

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