Afghanistan accelerates implementation of TAPI, - TOLO news

As soon as TAPI will be implemented in 2019, gas from the pipeline will be transferred to the centers use of Afghanistan. It is reported by news website Afghanistan's TOLO news.

In particular, it is noted with reference to the Ministry of mines and petroleum of the country (MoMP) that for early implementation of TAPI project in Afghanistan in 2018, the government will establish three operating center in the provinces of Herat, Kandahar and Helmand, which will control the distribution of gas from the project to the Afghan people.

Meanwhile, a number of economic commentators said that the government should take the necessary measures for the implementation of the TAPI project in the country to provide the population with sufficient amount of gas.

"In the three places will be created operational-distribution centers. The centers will be systematically distribute the gas. The locations for the centers were selected," - the representative of the press service of the Ministry of mines and petroleum Abdulgader Mufti told to TOLOnews.

Meanwhile, economic commentators have asked the government to define a more inclusive and operational strategies, to enable people to access sufficient quantities of gas from the project.

TOLO news recalls that the practical work on the TAPI project in Afghanistan will begin in 2018, and the project will be commissioned in 2019.

1814-kilometer pipeline would run from gas fields in Turkmenistan through Afghanistan and Pakistan to India. It starts with Galkynysh gas field.

In Afghanistan, the TAPI pipeline will be built along the highway Kandahar-Herat in Western Afghanistan and then via Quetta and Multan in Pakistan. The final destination of the pipeline will be the Indian town of Fazilka, near the border between Pakistan and India.

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