Oil consumption could be reduced by a third due to electric mobility of the future

Leading automakers in 2017, announced the transition to the production of electric vehicles in the next two decades. This can have a major impact on the energy market.

The main event this year for the future of the world oil market was made in first decade of September the statement of the Minister of industry and information technology of China Sin Gobin that the government of China accords with other relevant authorities, the date of the final ban on the sale of vehicles with an internal combustion engine.

On the second day after the statement of Chinese Minister of the German Volkswagen said that 2030 will produce only electric vehicles, for which the company will invest €20 billion in its programme of electric vehicles and a further €50 billion will be spent on the purchase of batteries for such.

Three weeks later on transition in the foreseeable future of electric vehicles said the largest automaker of North America — General Motors, according to Forbes.

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