The demand forecast on oil in 2018 raised on 200 thousand barrels a day

The International Energy Agency (IEA) raised on 200 thousand barrels/day a demand forecast on oil in 2017 and 2018, having left the same growth rates of demand in 2017 (for 1,6%) and in 2018 (for 1,3%). It is written by the agency in the monthly overview, AOI reports.

Data for Nigeria, Germany and Iraq underwent review.

The global oil demand, according to the forecast of IEA, will make 97,8 million b/d, and in 2018 - 99,1 million b/d, Finmarket reports.

The agency writes that oil stocks in the countries of OECD dropped in October by 40,3 million barrels - up to 2,94 billion barrels, to the lowest level since July, 2015. Now they on 111 million barrels are higher, than average five-year level. Oil reserves in China probably decreased in October for the first time for this year.


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