The new issue of the magazine "Oil, Gas and Mineral resources of Turkmenistan" was published

The fourth in 2017 issue of the social and political and scientific-journalistic magazine "Oil, Gas and Mineral resources of Turkmenistan" has been published.

The first pages of new release of the edition are devoted to an official visit of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to Turkmenistan, the regular meeting of the Council of Elders of Turkmenistan and the state visit of the President of Turkmenistan to Tajikistan. 

In the publication about a visit of the President of the Russian Federation to Turkmenistan last negotiations between two leaders are noted. In particular, it is emphasized that now the countries actively cooperate not only in bilateral, but also in a multilateral format at the international level in political and trade and economic and also cultural and humanitarian spheres. In material it is also said that the Russian side shows interest in continuation of cooperation in the oil and gas sphere.

The individual clause in the magazine is devoted to Day of workers of the oil and gas industry and geology which according to the Presidential decree of Turkmenistan is solemnly celebrated annually on December 14. In article it is told about history of carrying out this holiday.

In the material "The Gas-chemical Industry Has Big Prospects in the Oil and Gas Industry" gas-processing production as the perspective direction of the oil and gas industry is analyzed. In this aspect importance of a construction of a number of gas-chemical objects, in particular the gasoline production plant from natural gas in Ovadandepe is considered.       

The article "Model of Forming of the Gas Supergiant Galkynysh" tells about history of emergence of this large-scale deposit from the scientific point of view. In article geophysical features of forming of so large number of deposits of hydrocarbon resources are analyzed.      

In separate material of the magazine it is told about the importance of aerospace monitoring in case of management of the high-level gas transmission networks of Turkmenistan. In particular, it is in detail told about application of remote sensing of Earth in a research of rational use of natural resources.

Article about physical features of hydrocarbon as a part of natural gas is also published in the release of the magazine.


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