RCPDCA contributes to the peace and agreed decision occurring in the region of questions, - Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov

The president of Turkmenistan noted great importance activities Regional center UN at preventive diplomacy for Central Asia (RCPDCA), who works in Ashgabat from December 2007. About it, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said in greeting the appeal to the compatriots on the occasion of 10-anniversary from the date of the opening in the capital neutral Turkmenistan, RCPDCA, as well as the adoption in commemoration of this date November 17 2017 the UN general assembly Resolution "the Role of the Regional center UN at preventive diplomacy for Central Asia".

As noted in the treatment of the President, "all these years Center has contributed to the peace and agreed to a solution of all occurring in the region of questions, as well as the strengthening of cooperation between countries. The opening of the structure with the support of all states of the region again confirmed the unity of the course of the world community on the creation of the conditions for cooperation of Central Asian countries with the UN and other reputable international organizations".

- Currently this regional peacekeeping center UN has a great importance to conduct of negotiations for sustainable development of the Central Asian countries, said the President. - Systematically held in it with the participation of representatives of all countries Central Asia conference and meeting allowed to draw attention to the common questions. Among them is the use of preventive diplomacy as a tool achieve specific results for security and sustainable development in the world, management of the border of water and energy resources, the fight against cross-border crime and illegal turnover narcotic drugs and stabilization of the situation in neighboring Afghanistan.

As noted in circulation of Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov  "unanimous the adoption of the Resolution "the Role of the Regional center UN at preventive diplomacy for Central Asia" on 55-m plenary meeting 72-y session of the general assembly UN as a fundamental document, and the fact that the drafters Resolution made 57 states, representing all continents, was another testimony of recognition of the global community peaceful policy of our neutral state".

Noting that our country is already 25 years is a member of the UN, the head of state stressed that "all these years one of the priority areas foreign policy independent of Turkmenistan is close and multilateral cooperation with the UN strategic on the basis of".

In his appeal President also noted that thanks to cooperate with the UN wide support in the world got initiatives Turkmenistan to the development of international trade and economic relations, and suggestions for the provision of environmental safety in connection with the climate change, the protection of the environment, energy security, create international transport corridors.

We are grateful to the UN for provide support and assistance in the implementation of the joint programs and projects in economic, social and other areas, as well as in the formation in our country democratic institutions, - noted in the treatment of the President of Turkmenistan.

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