Participants of RECCA VII will approve approaches to the solution of questions of the Afghan perspective

Today in the Turkmen capital the ministerial meeting of the 7th Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan has taken place. Its work is intended to promote further consolidation of common efforts on development of the approved approaches to the solution of topical issues of the Afghan perspective, to assist peaceful development of Afghanistan and in general promotion of economic integration in regional and interregional scale.

The day before in Ashgabat the meeting of working groups of the 7th Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA VII) took place.

Representatives of tens of foreign states of Asia, Europe, North and South America, Oceania, twenty eight international organizations, including specialized agencies and structures of the UN and also a number of public organizations, media participate in the Conference.

Supporting settlement of a situation in the neighboring state as exclusively peaceful, political and diplomatic means, Turkmenistan gives support in social and economic revival of Afghanistan. The proposals of the President of Turkmenistan read from a tribune of General Assembly of the UN, other international forums which are aimed at development of mechanisms for stabilization of a situation and economic revival of the neighboring country are directed to it. The large-scale infrastructure projects with participation of Afghanistan initiated by Ashgabat also are directed to these purposes.

The line item of Turkmenistan is based on desire of the fastest involvement of the southern neighbor in common regional integration, its accession to various projects that will give the chance to start active creation of the peace in Afghanistan.

Today Turkmenistan consistently realizes a number of large social and economic projects with participation of the Afghan side. Among them are: a construction of the gas pipeline of Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) , the railroad Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan and also power lines to Afghanistan and to the third countries. Implementation of these projects will promote further strengthening of a social and economic situation of the states of the region.

As the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan Mrs. Adela Raz emphasized in the performance, "today there are big achievements in many projects – in energetic, transport, trade and other fields of activity".

The representative of Afghanistan also supported activization of mutually agreed collateral actions on implementation of the large infrastructure investment projects which are equitable to common interests.

Adela Raz focused attention on three new projects developed in 2017 within RECCA directed to expansion of opportunities of women in economic cooperation and an entrepreneurship on creation of chamber of commerce of RECCA and stimulation of regional interaction in the field of science.

As Mrs. Raz emphasized, "implementation of these projects is of great importance both for Afghanistan, and for Central and Southern Asia".

Speaking about presence of solid potential for dynamic development of the region and promotion of a productive cooperation, the representative of the Afghan side noted need of acceptance of further steps on economic integration that will promote the solution of relevant social tasks, creation of conditions for development of new projects.

During the thematic sessions the main directions of development of the region through a prism of a cooperation with Afghanistan were considered. Participants discussed the prospects of interaction in spheres of power, exploitation of natural resources, transport and infrastructure, trade and investments.

By results of work of the Ashgabat forum it has been provided to accept the relevant Resulting document.

It is known that the 1st Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan was organized in 2005 in Kabul. For last years this representative forum proved as the open platform for discussion of important issues which solution is directed to activization of fruitful partnership by means of strengthening of political dialogue, stimulation and establishing mutually advantageous communications in various industries of economy.


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