Turkey aims to export the Turkmen gas to Europe through its territory, – Recep Erdogan

Turkey continues serious attempts of transportation of the Turkmen gas through its territory to Europe. As INTERFAX-AZERBAIJAN reports from Baku, the Turkish president Redzheb Tayyip Erdogan noted it.

"Turkey among the countries of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development is the second country after China on growth rates of consumption of natural gas. Therefore the TANAP project (a construction of the Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline) is crucial for satisfaction of the growing needs of Turkey for gas", - the president of Turkey in an interview to the Azerbaijani media told.

"At the same time, supply of gas from the Azerbaijani Shah Deniz field on the European market will make a certain contribution in energy security of Europe. We also make great efforts in order that the Turkmen gas also can become a part of this project", - the president of Turkey said.

According to him, the joint TANAP Azerbaijani-Turkish project is of great importance in ensuring energy security of Europe. "Works go according to the plan and we hope that in the nearest future we will become witnesses of the beginning of functioning of the gas pipeline", - he noted.

R.T. Erdogan emphasized that gas which is supposed to be delivered within the first phase TANAP is brought in the report of a gas consumption in Turkey the next years. "Also the corresponding works within the Turkish Flow project with Russia are continued. We are also ready to consider new projects of gas export from east Mediterranean and Iraq", - the president of Turkey told.

According to him, diversification of sources of gas from east Mediterranean became a new alternative. "Turkey participates in all routes of gas export to Europe, profitable both from the financial point of view, and in respect of the shortest way. For transformation of Turkey into the energy center we will continue investments into this sphere", - R.T. Erdogan added.

Laying of the base of the TANAP gas pipeline 1,85 thousand km long took place on March 17, 2015 in the Turkish province Kars. Handling capacity of the gas pipeline will make at least 16 billion cubic meters. In the long term capacity of a pipe will be brought to 24 billion cubic meters of gas a year, and then - to 31 billion cubic meters. Project cost is estimated at $8 billion.

In the TANAP project 30% the Turkish BOTAS possesses, 58% - SOCAR and 12% - the British BP.

Supply of gas on TANAP to Turkey will begin in 2018. And in the first year the gas supply rate to Turkey will make 2 billion cubic meters, in the second year - 4 billion cubic meters, in the third year - 6 billion cubic meters, news agency notes.


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