Iran will not abnegate transit of the Turkmen gas to Azerbaijan

The statement of the director of National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) and the deputy minister of oil of the country Hamid Reza Araki that he does not support export of the Turkmen gas through the Islamic Republic to Turkey does not mention Azerbaijan, Trend news agency reports.

It is known that now Azerbaijan also receives the Turkmen gas through Iran.

Hamid Reza Araki highlightes that this decision of Iran does not extend to Azerbaijan, and transportation of the Turkmen gas to Azerbaijan through Iran will be continued.

The Azerbaijani side for the purpose of use of business potential of gas storages of SOCAR in summer months at low prices imports from abroad additional amounts of gas, and to a winter season by higher prices exports the purchased amounts, thus, gaining an additional income, Trend notes.

In the publication it is also reported that in January-July, 2017 SOCAR imported 970 million cubic meters of gas to the country.


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