Specialists of Turkmenistan and Japan exchanged experience in decrease in risks of natural disasters

In Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan the Turkmen-Japanese experience exchange seminar in decrease in risks of natural disasters took place. As it is reported on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, the forum was organized within a joint project "Improvement of system of seismological observations in the territory of Ashgabat and around it" which united Institute of seismology and physics of the atmosphere of AST and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

About three hundred specialists representing various government and international institutions, including representative office of the UN, National Society of Red Crescent, hyakimlik of city of Ashgabat, the Ministry of Finance and Economy, education, a construction and architecture, health care and the medical industry, the Main public service of "Turkmenstandarts", the State concern "Turkmengas", Head department on emergency and rescue operations of the Ministry of Defence of Turkmenistan, Institute of aseismic construction, the International university of oil and gas, the Engineering and technological university of Oguzkhan, Management of Ashkhabadgaz and other departments took part in work of the seminar.

The purpose of the meeting was the acquaintance with the leading world developments and the Japanese experiment on decrease in risk of natural disasters and with project tasks, establishment of direct contacts between the scientific departments, related industry structures working in the sphere of seismology, a construction and liquidation of emergency situations.

The choice of effective communication channels for informing on potential hazard of the organizations which are responsible for disaster prevention, the emergency reaction and mitigation of consequences became one of key subjects of discussion.

During the seminar it was noted that for creation of target network of observations it is important to make active cooperation of various industry structures at each stage of observations, including handling and data transmission and also their use. The project is focused on operational information transfer about earthquakes which will arrive in all interested organizations.

It is planned that the JICA agency will transfer to Turkmenistan the modern seismological equipment on registration of strong movements, digital seismic stations, software on data processing. Specialists of institute will be trained to modern technologies of handling of seismological information in Japan.

It is known that Turkmenistan is located in a zone of high seismicity that causes the necessity of adequate measures of protection from earthquakes. In the sphere of development of seismology within accomplishment of joint projects and programs the Turkmen scientists cooperate also with colleagues from Azerbaijan, the USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine.

The most destructive became the earthquake in Ashgabat on the night of October 6, 1948 (up to 9 - 10 points on the Richter scale in epicenter).

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