For January-September, 2017 GDP growth of Turkmenistan constituted 6,4 percent

Successfully implementable state programs of economic development of Turkmenistan allowed to keep following the results of January-September, 2017 high rate of the GDP growth – at the level of 6,4 percent. It was said by the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, speaking on October 5 at the enlarged meeting of Cabinet council at which the results of social economic development of the country in 9 months of the current year were summed up.  

As the head of the state noted: "We pursue domestic policy according to adopted agendas of development of the country which provide creation of modern industrial infrastructure, large processing enterprises, implementation of measures for production of import-substituting products and building-up of export volumes, forming of the electronic industry". 

According to the President, "by the state program today solid investments go to a construction of new and reconstruction of operating plants. Countrywide the amount of such capital investments makes nearly 40 billion manats".  

- Work and on increase in the power making capacities using natural gas is sped up, - the leader of the country noted. Successful implementation of large international and internal projects continues. Large-scale work on development and arrangement of oil and gas fields, a construction of new gas pipelines, sports constructions, the airports, roads and bridges is carried out. 

The President also told about the accelerated rates of conducting of laying of the highway of Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India and other gas arteries.  

- For last period in the country 216 large objects by a total cost about 4 billion US dollars have been put into operation, - Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted.

The head of the state also told that "reforms undertaken in agricultural industry also began to bring results. In development of national economy the powerful contribution is made also by entrepreneurs who work in various industries realize the most difficult, large projects, without yielding in skill to the foreign companies at all".  

"Thanks to these consecutive measures there were cardinal changes providing reliable resistance of our economy to different external risks, influence of a world economic crisis decreased", - the head of the state emphasized. 

"It allowed us to keep high GDP growth, namely - on a mark 6,4 percent, to increase production of industrial output, to support a steady rate of manat, the low prices of goods and services in the domestic market and also to increase amounts of capital investments in the social sphere", the President told.

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