Representatives of RSU of oil and gas n.a. I.M. Gubkin highly appreciated hardware of industry higher education institution of Turkmenistan

At the International university of oil and gas of Turkmenistan with the assistance of representatives of a number of higher education institutions of our country and the Russian Federation the meeting took place, there participants exchanged opinions concerning a cooperation in the field of education, advanced training. Having visited different faculties of this university, guests got acquainted with its educational and production laboratories. They noted that hardware of higher education institution conforms to the international standards that creates all opportunities for studies and scientific activities, receipts of skills of work on the latest equipment.

- It is very pleasant to be in Turkmenistan, to meet our colleagues, oil industry workers, gas workers because it is that professional activity which unites us, - Victor Martynov, the rector of Russian state the university of oil and gas n.a. I.M. Gubkin told. - I want to note that the International university of oil and gas is at very good level, everything is very great constructed, good equipment, remarkable specialists.

- I want to wish to the Turkmen people that and at the expense of natural resources, and due to diligence you managed to create further good conditions for development and prosperity of the country. It is very important that our people were on friendly terms and our communications got stronger not only in the oil and gas sphere, but also in culture and education,-  V. Martynov emphasized.

Representatives of delegation of RSU n.a. I.M. Gubkin also noted that participation in this meeting would allow to set up even more strong cooperation between the universities. Having inspected a laboratory complex of the Turkmen university of oil and gas, guests were convinced that there was the most modern equipment which allows to teach students to elements and bases of oil and gas case fully.

Representatives of the Russian higher education institution also got acquainted with how in the institution training, in particular, in such questions as a structure and work of the installations and the equipment used in case of oil refining, automatic control of installations, methods of secondariness of conversion of waste of productions was provided. Guests noted that in these laboratories there were all opportunities for studying by students of such questions as methods of management of the modern computerized and automated installations, solutions of environmental issues on production, job management and the principles of management, labor protection and safe engineering, etc.

– Our university supports effective cooperation with foreign oil and gas companies, higher educational institutions of the different countries that allows us to gain wide experience, - the senior teacher of the International university of oil and gas Sona Islamova noted. - One of such higher education institutions is the Russian state university of oil and gas n.a. I.M. Gubkin whose representatives visited our university. Between our higher education institutions the memorandum of understanding is signed. Representatives of the Russian university arrived to us for close acquaintance with our university. They visited educational cases, laboratories of the institution. The held meeting opens new opportunities for a further cooperation.

It is known that Turkmenistan possesses one of the largest in the world inventories of hydrocarbons. The international institute of oil and gas trains young specialists who will work in the oil and gas industry effectively to use these riches and to turn our Homeland into one of the most developed and powerful countries of the world.

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